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标题: [原创] 老方双语诗《望月二首》并戏词英译 [打印本页]

作者: fanghuzhai     时间: 2017-9-7 15:30    标题: [原创] 老方双语诗《望月二首》并戏词英译



From my yard I watch a moon incomplete
The defect is like many things in the world
Annoying matters bother every household
A family doth sow the trouble seed
I'm not a young scholar with goal aimed high
Wanting to be a full moon that people admire
It's time for my aged body to bed to retire
As the icy wheel just appears in the sky


When the moon rises it's like a plate golden
And hangs all alone over the distant horizon
At the zenith of the sky it becomes silver white
And shines upon the dome with brilliant light
Bright and clean jade rabbit and pretty moon lady
The stars are shamed by her singular beauty
The rises and falls on the earth are not its concerns
As years come and go, it grows and wanes

Stormy is the day at the pavilion
How come I hear a wail in wind and rain?
Through the curtain I saw a sedan there
It must be a bride on her wedding chair
Happy should one be on this lucky day
What mishaps make her pearl- like tears lay?
Suddenly I came to know a world truth
Not all the people are rolled in wealth
Some hungry souls are filled with misery
Some ill-fortuned over their losses cry
The one in the sedan plays a different song
In her there must be hidden feelings strong

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