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#1  [原创] 聊斋故事新编,多年前一个有开头,没结尾的计划,呵呵


Chinese Ghost Stories from Pu Songling's Chat Room


方壶斋编写, 翻译, 注释


从前有个姓封的, 年轻时死了太太, 一个人时常常想她. 后来他到一个小城去, 租了一间屋子. 晚上在屋子的墙上, 隐隐约约看见一个女人, 皱着眉头, 伸着舌头。 封先生知道那是个吊死 鬼 , 但是他并不害怕。 他就对那个女人说:“你有什么不高兴的事, 尽管告诉我。” 那个女人说:“我的脖子上有绳子勒着, 说话不方便. 你叫房东把这屋的房梁拆了烧了, 我就能下来了。”姓封的就找到房东, 问他这屋里从前死过人没有。 房东说, 原来这所 房子的主人, 是一个姓梅的女人。 有一天夜里, 有个男的来偷东西, 被女人抓住了, 送到官府上。 可是负责办案的官员受了小偷家里人的贿赂, 反倒判决说女人和那个 小偷有不正当的男女关系。 女人又羞又气, 就上吊自杀了。房东后来把这房子买了 下来。 凡是来住过的人都说这屋里有鬼气。 封先生就把他看见的那个女鬼的话跟房东 说了。 房东说:“拆换房梁很贵, 我没有那么多钱。”封先生就给了他一些钱, 帮着他 把房梁换了。

Once upon a time there was a man surnamed Feng, whose wife died when he was still young. When he was alone by himself, he often miss his dead wife. Later he moved to a small town and rented a room in a house. One evening, he seemed to see an image of a woman on the wall, whose brows were knitted and whose tongue was protruding from the mouth. Feng knew that was a ghost who had hanged herself, but he was not afraid. He said to the woman," if you have anything thing that makes you unhappy, please tell me." The woman said," I have a rope around my neck. It is difficult for me to talk. Please ask the landlord to take down the beam of this room and burn it. Only then can I come down." Feng then went to see the landlord and asked him if anyone had died in this room in the past. The landlord said that the previous owner of the house was a woman surnamed Mei. One night a man came to steal things and was caught but the woman. She took him to the government, but the official in charge of the case was bribed by the man's family and announced that she had illicit relationship with the man. The woman was both humiliated and angered and hang herself to death in this room. The landlord later bought the house. Whoever had lived in this room had said that there was something weird about it. Hearing this, Feng told the landlord what the woman ghost had told him. The landlord said:" It is very expensive to change a beam of a room. I do not have much money." Feng then gave him some money to have the beam taken down.

换了房梁的那天晚上, 姓梅的女鬼果然来了, 和封先生说话, 做游戏。 两个人相处得 很好。 时间长了, 封先生就喜欢她了, 要娶她为妻。 梅女士说:“我是鬼。 鬼和人是 不能结婚的。 这样吧, 我知道一位歌妓, 很漂亮, 人也很好, 我把她介绍给你吧。 ” 封先生就答应了。第二天, 梅女士果然领来了一位漂亮端庄的姑娘。 从那以后, 他们 三人天天见面, 吃饭喝酒做游戏, 玩得非常开心。渐渐地, 姓封的在家里招待鬼的事, 别人也都听说一些了。

The night when the beam was changed, the ghost surnamed Mei came as she had promised. She chatted with him and played games with him. It seemed that they both enjoyed the companionship of each other. In time, Mr. Feng fell in love with her and wanted to marry her. Mei said:" I am a ghost, who cannot marry a man of this world. I know of a pretty courtesan who is a nice person. Let me introduce her to you. Feng agreed. The next day, Mei brought with her a pretty and well mannered girl. Since then, the three of them met everyday. They ate, drink and played together and all enjoyed it. Gradually, people in the neighborhood also heard about Feng's entertaining a ghost at home.

有一位大官, 不久前死了妻子, 很伤心, 听说封先生和鬼有来往, 就想让他把鬼叫来, 给他说说阴间的事, 他也好打听一下妻子的消息。 封先生开始不愿意, 可是那个当官的 非要请他帮忙, 他就答应了。 到了晚上,他和当官的坐在客厅里, 他就招呼梅女士来。 不一会, 梅女士来了, 看见有生人在,吓得扭头就要走, 被封先生拦住了。 等到她再 看一眼那个当官的, 不由得勃然大怒, 拔下头上的簪子就去刺他。 当官的吓得屁滚 尿流, 四处躲藏。 封先生连忙把梅女士拉住, 说不管怎么说, 这是在他的寓所, 打死了 人他是要吃官司的。梅女这才罢手。 当官的也很狼狈地逃走了。 他逃回家以后, 生了 一场大病, 没过两天就死了。

There was then a high ranking official whose wife had died not long ago. He was extremely sad about her death. When he learned that Feng could communicate with ghosts, he wanted Feng to summon the ghost woman so that he could ask her about life in the afterworld and about his dead wife. At first Feng was reluctant to do so but agreed upon the official's insisting. At night, he and the official sat in the living room and Feng summoned Mei, who appeared soon. As soon as she saw a stranger in the living room, however, she was frightened and turned to leave. Feng stopped her. However, the next moment she cast an eye on the official she flared up in great rage and pulled the hairpin from her hair to stab him. The official was so frightened that he could not control his pee and frantically sought a place to hide. Seeing this, Feng hurried to stop the woman, saying no matter what, this was his residence and if the official should die there, he would be sued. On hearing this, Mei stopped, and the official fled in great embarrassment. After he arrived home, he died within two days of a sudden illness.

当官的逃了以后, 封先生问梅女究竟是怎么一回事。 梅女说:“你还记得我跟你 说过的我的事吧?那个吃贿赂判我与小偷有染的当官的就是他!”封先生听了以后, 才知道世界上真是善有善报, 恶有恶报。 做官害人的人, 终究会为他们做过的 坏事付出代价。

After the official fled, Feng asked Mei what exactly was the matter. Mei said:" You still remember what I told you about me? The official who took the money of the thief's family and announced my alleged affair with the thief was none but that man!" Only then did Feng realized that in this world, a good deed was rewarded with a good one and an evil deed an evil one. Those officials who persecuted innocent people would eventually pay for what they had done.


古时候绍兴城里有一个七十岁的老寡妇, 一个人住, 靠织布为生。 一天晚上正在织布, 一个十八,九岁的漂亮女子忽然推窗进来, 说:“你这样每天织布, 真够辛苦的。
我来给你作个伴。” 寡妇以为她是从别人家逃出来的, 不敢让她留下。 那个女子说: “我也孤身一人。” 寡妇又害怕她是狐狸精, 仍然不敢让她留下。 那个女人却上了床, 坐下来织起布来了, 并且说:“我会织布, 不会在经济上拖累你。”寡妇这才勉强 同意她留下跟她一起住了。

In the ancient times there lived a widow, who was 70 years old, in a small southern town. She lived all by herself and made a living by weaving. One evening as she was working, a pretty girl of the age of 18 or 19 pushed open the window and entered the room. She said to the widow: “Isn’t it a hard life for you to work everyday all by yourself? I want to be your companion.” The widow, thinking that she might be a fugitive from someone’s home, did not dare to keep her. The woman explained that she also lived by herself. The widow then feared that she might be  the spirit of a fox and still hesitated. The woman however, sat herself on the bed in front of the loom and started weaving, saying: “I am not going to be a burden to you. I know how to weave.” Only after that did the widow agree to let her stay.

晚上睡觉的时候, 寡妇看见那女人皮肤又白又嫩, 不由心想:“唉, 我怎么不是一个 男人呢?”那女子笑着说:“您老都七十了, 怎么还想入非非?”寡妇听了知道她 不是普通人, 吓得浑身颤抖, 弄的床都哗哗乱响。 女子笑着说:“告诉你吧, 我是 仙人, 不过我不会害你。 只求和你搭伴过日子。”

When they went to bed at night, the widow saw the fair skin of the woman and thought: “If only I could be a man!” The girl smiled: “Vow, you are 70 years old. How come you still harbor wild thoughts?” Hearing this, the widow knew that she was no ordinary human being and started to shiver all over, making a loud noise of the bed. Smiled the girl: “To tell you the truth. I am a spirit, but I will not harm you. I only want to live with you ”

于是她们俩一起吃住, 一起织布, 日子倒也过得融洽。 而且那女人织的布, 色泽光润, 质地很好, 能在市场上卖到好价钱。寡妇心里高兴, 出门时常常把门锁好, 不让外人 知道她家里住着这么一个人。

So they started living together and working together and their days passed in peace and harmony. What was more, the textile made by the girl had good color and quality and could sell for great price in the market. The widow was very happy and when she went out, she locked the door lest other people should know about such a person in her house.

可是日子久了, 寡妇也就不免在亲戚好友之间提起此事。 渐渐地, 知道的人就多 起来了。女子对她抱怨说:“你说话这样不小心, 我是没法在这久待的。”寡妇听了很 后悔。

Gradually however, the widow could not help but mentioning it to her relatives and close friends. In time more and more people came to know about it. The girl complained: “You are so liberal in gossiping. How can I stay here long?” The widow really regretted her deeds.

这时候有的亲戚朋友非要见这位女子不可。 寡妇碍不过面子, 就求女子让他们看一看。 女子说:“如果他们是你的好朋友, 见见也没什么。”于是就来了一些人, 而且带着 香来烧。 女子很讨厌他们, 坐在屋里, 脸上没有表情。 后来有些年青男子, 听说女子很 漂亮, 也想见见她, 都被寡妇拦住了。

Then some relatives and friends insisted on visiting the girl.  Feeling that she had to satisfy them, the widow asked the girl to give them a chance to see her. The girl said: “If they are your good friends, it is alright for them to come for a visit.” The people came, some with burning incense. The girl did not like them at all and sat in the room with no expression on her face. Later, some young men heard about her beauty and wanted to see her, but the widow refused.

有一个很有钱的男人, 用自己的家产换来金钱, 给寡妇, 要她把他介绍给那位女子。 寡妇动了心, 去和那女人说。 女子说:“你这不是出卖我么? 不过看来那个人倒也 心诚, 就见一见吧。”等到见他的那天, 女子坐在一个厚布帘子后面, 问那个男的: “你花这么多钱见我, 为了什么呢?”那男人说:“听说您很美, 只求能亲眼一见, 别无所求。”说着, 突然眼前一亮, 女人的美丽的容貌, 出现在他眼前。 男人不由得 俯下身去向她跪拜。等到他再坐起来的时候, 看到的只是厚厚的布帘子。 女人在 帘子后面说:“我累了。 你回去吧。”

A very rich man cashed his property and gave the money to the widow and asked her to introduce him to the girl. The widow was tempted by the money and went to talk with the girl about it. The girl said: “Aren’t you selling me? Well, since that man is really sincere, I may just as well favor him with an interview.” The day the man came, the girl sat behind a thik cloth curtain and asked: “ Why did you spend so much money to see me?” The man said: “I heard that you were very beautiful and all I want is to see you in the flesh. There is nothing else that I desire.” As he was saying so, there was a light in front of him and the beautiful face of the woman appeared. The man bowed down in reverence. When he sat up again, all he could see was the thick cloth curtain. Said behind the curtain the girl: “I am tired. Please go home.”

那男人走之前, 在屋子的墙上写了一首用辞轻浮的描述女子美貌的诗。 女子看了, 很不高兴。 寡妇觉得这都是她的错, 向女子道歉。 女子说:“这也不怪你。 我也 一时动心, 让那人看了我, 才有这种淫辞艳曲出现。 我现在必须离开这里, 否则就会 陷入情欲, 不能自拔。”说完就收拾自己的东西, 出门去了。 寡妇出去挽留她, 却早就 不见了人影。

Before he left, the man wrote a poem on the wall of the house, using frivolous language to describe the woman. The woman was unhappy on reading it. The widow, thinking that it was all her fault, apologized. The woman said: “I cannot blame you alone. I was tempted and showed him my face, which led to such erotic literature. I now must leave this place, otherwise I would fall into lust and become helpless.” After saying so, she went to pack her things and left. The widow followed her out of the house, wanting to persuade her to change her mind, but the woman vanished into thin air right before her eye.

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很吸引的故事。 我的印象是老外对鬼怪东西也蛮喜欢,  我自己也曾一度喜欢鬼怪题材的电影。 鬼故事作家我村子里有一个。他的 雅称:民俗学者。     我住的小城是加拿大最古老的城市, 市中心一些老屋据说曾闹鬼,是旅游景点。。。

  我有兴趣翻译,但不知道翻译那些方面题材。 如果方老师给我派作业,我会认真的完成。刚刚看了笔记文,我第一次听说,有空再学习。

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