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#1  [原创]老方译词, 又译诗



雨恨云愁,江南依旧称佳丽。 水村渔市,一缕孤烟细。 天际征鸿,遥认行如缀。 平生事,此时凝睇,谁会凭栏意!

Resentful rain and sorrow-laden clouds
Spoil not the beauty of the south
Above lakeside villages and a fish fair
A thin line of chimney smoke is in the air
The geese o'er the horizon in flight
Like threaded beads fly
Reviewing my life in hindsight
I stand by the rail, who knows why


寇准 江南春


Rippling water, slender willow
A lone village at the far end of a grassy road
Apricot flowers fall in the setting sun's glow
Spring departing the south, what a sad view
On the islet white blossoms dance
Calling for the presence of an absent soul




The wind over, fragrance lingers
In the dust while gone are the flowers
At dusk I have no mood to dress my hair
Things remain the same but not the people affair
Before saying a word I shed my tear
I hear spring scene is still good along the Shuangxi River
And I want to ride a boat there
Yet the small boats on that river
Cannot carry too much sorrow, I fear


2016-11-27 11:50
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Incessant rain at dusk
From the sky above the river
Washes the autumn scenes clear
When frosty winds become stronger
Casting a cold spell over
Mountains and rivers at the border
While the dim light of the setting sun
Clings to the tower
Withered are the flowers
And grass verdant no more
Only the Yangtze River
Silently flows eastward
How can I bear to mount
A high place to look in the direction
Of my homeland unreachable
My homesickness hard to lessen
Reviewing my roaming years
I wonder why I can't let things go
My beloved lady must be shedding tears
High from her dressing tower's window
Misidentifying many a boat
Down on the river below
Never will she know
That I am standing by the rail
My heart weighed down by sorrow!


Our drinking done, I started my westward journey
Hating this life of riding floating boats
Looking back I saw shadows of willows
And a lone goose in thin clouds in distance
On this cold day, the evening sky glows

My painted boat, where will it moor tonight?
Over and above flat waves, a dim moon shows
My hangover gone, in silent night my sorrow grows
A lamp burning late, in dream I sleep alone
On fine rippling the early wind blows

2016-12-7 02:46
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I stand by the rail, the rain's going to stop
but my anger stands my hair on the top
I look up to the sky and loudly I sigh
Having a heroic wish for my country  to die
I belittle the fame from many a past battle
The hooves of my horse on expeditions rattle
My young hair will soon turn grey
If I do not pursue a regret-free way

The shame that barbarians gave to my country
Waits to be avenged by a glorious victory
Otherwise how can my hatred be released
If my emperor by his general cannot be pleased?
My war chariot I wish to drive into enemy land
Storming their mountain passes to enter the gobi sand
Let my warriors gobble down the flesh of the enemy POW
And drink their blood talking and laughing now
After the lost lands are reclaimed from invaders
I shall bring good news to the shrines of emperors

2016-12-9 10:39
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My country enjoyed a span of forty years
I ruled a vast land of mountains and rivers
Towering architectures invited beholders’ wonders
The foliage of trees were like veils of vapors
There were never wars

Once I became the captive servant of the new ruler
I lost much weight and my temple hair’s color
Most sad was from ancestral temple my departure
A separation song came from the court band’s strummer
Before my court maids I shed tear

2016-12-9 12:59
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South of the river, willow;
North of the river, willow;
No end of willow to give to a parting pengyou,
I hate the parting though
A cup of wine, willow
Two lines of tear, willow
Things at the Capital do not please you
When again here you show
朱敦儒 渔父词
With a shaking of head I left the world of rusty dust behind
Now there is no difference whether I am drunk or of sober mind
My labor is to put on my straw poncho and pyramid hat
And brave the frost and snow to attend my fishing net
As wind dies away at dusk my fishing line lays idle
In both the sky and river I see a crescent moon new
For a thousand miles the water merges with the sky
In and out of clouds a lone geese is flying high

I am advanced in my age
I care not if peach trees are blooming in rage
I want to listen to.the strumming of strings
I found a courtesan behind doors where an oriole sings
I was enchanted when the playing was over
I shed the tear of the poet by the Xunyang River
Over ten thousand miles the east winds blow
My home country bathes in the setting sun glow

2016-12-9 16:30
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in the setting sun glow -- in the afterglow(夕照)?

2016-12-9 21:44
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As it's hard to find a time to meet
It's hard to bid farewell to a friend
East wind has slowed her tired feet
Flowers have all their prime time spent
Spring silkworms labor till their demise
Only then their silk comes to an end
Candles melt as time goes clockwise
Burning wicks they never relent
Should I fix morning makeup before the mirror
I would see how my temple hair has changed color
Should I read poems deep at night
I would feel cold in moon's light
Here to your place the distance is not a lengthy one
May the Bluebird for me visit you as often as it can


Lotus flower' s color has faded, their fragrance gone
My jade-like mat feels the coolness of the fall
My silk dress untied, I board the fine boat alone
Wondering whose silk letter will from the clouds fall
As swallows return to their nests
The moon should be full at the west hall

On a stream, the flowers and the water each goes its own way
Lovers share the same thoughts as they dwell apart
My thought of my beloved cannot be put away
You just saw it on my brows, now I feel it in my heart

卢纶《塞下曲》 林暗草惊风,将军夜引弓。 平明寻白羽,没在石棱中。

In the woods dark at night
The wind startled the grass
A general his bow pulled tight
His arrow would many branches pass
The white plume he located at dawn
For in the night he could not it find
Where but in the rock, hard to be drawn
By force  of any possible kind



The geese flew high in the dim moon light
Deep at night, the Hun chief took flight
My swift horse I would ride in pursuit
The sword covering snow blurred the sight


少小离家老大回, 乡音无改鬓毛衰。 儿童相见不相识, 笑问客从何处来

I left home young and returned a man old
My accent unchanged, my temple hair grey
To village kids about me no one ever told
Whence comest thou? they laughed away



At Keenlingford, Minimount Inn was a nice sight
Here I lodged, sadness in my heart, alone for a night
As the moon went down, so receded the river tide
Across the river, Melon Town slumbered in sparse light

修改以前的:李白  渡荆门送别

A far trip from Mount Jingmen
To the land of old state of Chu
Mountains turn into plain
Wilderness the River flows through
The moon descends like a mirror
The clouds rise like a mirage
I love more this homeland river
Accompany me on this voyage (读作法语)

2016-12-10 17:04
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Hearing Flute in Luoyang in the Spring
                       By Li Bai
Which family’s jade flute is playing?
The whole Luoyang hears it in the wind of spring
This night, a tune of parting is heard being played
Stirring up everyone’s nostalgic feeling

2017-4-8 17:59
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The grass on grassland grow and wither once a year
Undaunted by wild fire, they grow when spring wind blows
The grass cover old roads and reach for city ruins
Seeing my friend away, my sorrow like wild grass grows

2017-4-15 18:00
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