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Autumn has come onto the river
Whose greenness merges with the sky
Several farm houses stand nearby
Their cooking smoke rises high
On both banks winds blow free
Greeting each other across the river
Branches of willow trees sway
Intoxicated by the season’s liquor



Chinese and Foreign festivals

Nowadays many young people in China like to celebrate, in addition to Chinese festivals, western festivals, such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, even Thanksgiving and Halloween. But the majority of Chinese people only honor Chinese traditional festivals. There are many traditional festivals in China, some being public holidays, and some not. There are seven public holiday festivals, namely New Year's Day (January 1), the Spring Festival (January 1), the Ching Ming Festival (April 5), Labor Day (May 1), the Dragon Boat Festival, the Duanwu Festival (May 5 lunar calendar); National Day (Gregorian calendar October 1); and the Mid-Autumn Festival (lunar August 15). In order to facilitate the arrangement of work and holidays, the Chinese government in recent years has moved neighboring Saturdays and Sundays together with some holidays. As a result, the Chinese government has actually formed the "Spring Festival Golden Week" of seven days and the "National Day Golden Week" of seven days ". The rest are three-day holidays.

The most important holiday in China is the Spring Festival. Modern Chinese have retained a great deal of traditional customs of the Spring Festival, such as purchasing and preparing New Year's foods and goods, cleaning houses, attaching couplets on doors, posting New Year paintings on walls and paper-cuts on windows, etc. The eve of the Spring Festival is reserved for the family reunion dinner, night time keeping and fireworks. In mainland China, watching the Chinese New Year's Eve Gala show on TV on New Year's Eve is a new custom. During the Spring Festival, relatives and friends visit each other and give gifts to children. The Spring Festival last for 15 days till the Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first month. On the day of Lantern Festival, people eat Yuanxiao, a ball shaped dumpling with sweet fillings, and watch the nightly lantern shows.

Ching Ming Festival is not only the day of visiting the ancestral tombs, but also of family picnic. The Dragon Boat Festival is to commemorate the ancient patriotic poet Qu Yuan. On this day, people eat Zongzi, glutinous rice wrapped with bamboo leaves and reef leaves. The main food for the Mid-Autumn Festival is the moon cake. On the Mid-Autumn Festival night, the whole family sit together, eating moon cake and fruit, while watching the large and round moon.



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