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[原创] 走进办公室 (诗)外一首汉译英
as I walked into the office
an empty desk greeted me
with desolation , like wasteland
no sound ,no flesh no nothing
the afternoon sun peeped through the blinds
like poplar trees of the gobi desert


We seldom meet in daily life
Like two geosynchronous satellites
Tonight, and what other night
We sat around the same candle light
Youth and robustness last not long
Hairs on our heads have turned grey
Old acquaintances are half gone
Now I'm amazed at this stay
Here after 20 years since we met
Your hospitality my heart can melt
When years ago I parted with you
You were young man, still single
All of a sudden you have kids
Following you like rows of trees
They respect me like a father
Asking me where I came from
Before I could give an answer
Already they served bowls of rum
You cut chives in nightly spring droplets
And cooked the new harvest of millets
You said, proposing toast after toast
That chances were rare a friend to host
Ten drinks down I was still sober
Your kindness kept my appetite longer
Tomorrow we will be mountains apart
To know each other's news it will be hard



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