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[原创] 灯下食鱼

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At this endless dark night I feel a bit lost,

Nothing to do I steam a fish in a wok.

Water in the wok, less than a half,

Beside the fish in the dish I have:

green cucumber and red tomato slides.  

I taste its belly fat with chopsticks,

and break the head for its yummy brain.

Alas! Eating the fish alone is a pain:

I don't have a lady here who looks fine

to gently and warmly serve me wine.

Xiaoman  [评] 2016-3-16 07:09

In the dark night I felt at a loss
So I made a steamed fish course
Into the wok I poured some water
Covering less than half its measure
On the china plate I put vegetables
Red and green a delightful mixture
my light chopsticks picked up the fat belly
The omega three there gave much pleasure
From the head I savored the tender brain
The fine dense texture always my favor
Yet no beauty was there presenting wine
Sadly I sighed for the lonely dinner

fanghuzhai  [评] 2016-3-16 10:49


In the dark night I felt at a loss 9
And ventured to make a steamed fish course 9
Into the wok I poured some water 9
Covering less than half its measure 9
I put vegies on the china plate 9
Mixing red and green with the good taste 9
Lightly my chopsticks picked the fat belly 9
Gladly I tasted the omega three 10
From the head I savored the tender brain 10
The pulpy texture of a fish slain 9
Sadly I sighed, for the dinner lonely  10
By the lamp wine wasn’t served by a beauty 10

By the lamp how I wish to have a lady

fanghuzhai  [评] 2016-3-16 14:32





Governor Willow of the State of Willow
By the River Willow he planted many a willow
Today we're able to see those trees of willow
Forever breezes blow the leaves of willow


秋 歌 1998. 10. 3

秋 临 枫 市 叶 欲 红, 秋 水 匆 匆 行 色 中 。 秋 山 夏 绿 虽 犹 见 , 秋 夜 风 急 雨 更 浓 。 秋 月 圆 时 人 将 去 , 秋 云 纤 纤 画 闺 容 。 秋 心 一 串 成 愁 绪 , 秋 赋 填 来 给 谁 听 ?

In the town of maples autumn’s turning leaves red
The river in autumn flows with an air of haste
The summer green in the hills can still be seen
The rough winds of autumn nights bring denser rain
As autumn moon grows full friends are to leave
The autumn clouds the texture of fair face achieve
My heart in autumn is filled with sadness and sorrow
This poem of autumn  is for whom I do not know

fanghuzhai  [评] 2016-3-16 16:13




Xiaoman  [评] 2016-3-16 16:43



when they change to summer time
i wake up to see the depth of  night
in the dim kitchen i cook my meals
and later in classroom sleepiness fight
on campus i gather  some blooming leek
on my bed i dream of a new bride
cutting wild dill in my yard
i gave it to friends in which they delight

fanghuzhai  [评] 2016-3-17 07:26

中文是新房,含蓄,英语版是新娘。 直接。

Xiaoman  [评] 2016-3-17 11:30



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