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[原创] 旧诗英译
篱笆为小儿所破歌 2011,9,13

A song about Broken fense


Pretty is the moon in the fall in sky high
The shadow filled yard is dotted with her light
When the moon reaches the zenith of the sky
A piece of broken fence came to my sight
I hurriedly inspect if it's alright


It turned out that my neighbor's kids
Played soccer when I was away for work' sake
They played in traffic light one way street
And shot the ball into my yard by mistake
They must have tried to climb over the fence
And never expected it to be such a fragile defence


The other day I saw a toppled bucket
And wondered what exactly had happened
They must have tried to enter by the gate low
When they failed to climb the fence as planned so
I recalled more in the previous month
Half of a fence board was lying on the ground


I once saw kids who had nothing to play with
Tried to stand on the rail a fence to mount
Fearing injuries may lead to lawsuit
I put out a sign saying it did not suit
Since then no one has touched that side
Who would have thought of this new plight?


I am busy and have no time to keep watch
I prayed to Buddha to stop things as such
How I wish to set up a tall net
Fending off a ball that into my yard may set
Alas,when could I see such a net out of a sudden
So that happy would be the kids and my garden

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Xiaoman  [评] 2016-3-12 12:23

第一招bo o b y t raa p


Xiaoman  [评] 2016-3-12 12:50



Yunnan clouds are dark, darker is this place called Qinfeng
Where is staged a drama of separation under a full moon
Fresh are the memories of New Year's merry making
Half a month later, resentment and sadness are growing
The stupidity of a bookworm is the cause of our separation
Indulging in affections led to this day's frustration
How I wish to follow the example of a wife-loving rebel lord
But a battle of forces will end up with my career destroyed

题 纽约网友吕小姐 小 照 1997. 11. 7

婷 婷 玉 立 一 姣 娃 , 绿 茵 如 锦 衬 红 花 。 谁 言 君 是 假 小 子 , 分 明 巾 帼 美 中 华 。 生 辰 多 谢 劳 惦 记 , 英 姿 何 须 去 长 发 。 鱼 雁 每 藉 易 媒 传 , 何 时 长 岛 话 桑 麻 ?

She is a fine figured lady
Like a red flower on a tree
Who says she is a tom boy?
She is surely a Chinese beauty
Thanks for remembering my birthday
Your long hair you don't need to worry
Via email we keep our correspondence
When in Long Island can we have conference?

fanghuzhai  [评] 2016-12-12 21:01



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