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[原创] 英文旧诗改写----枕巾, 外一首原创,

Pillow towel

Centuries ago she left me with all
her dowery except the pillow towel, which
she carelessly ignored when packing
it's old,but still usable and miserliness
has ensured the continuity of application
she is obsolete in memory tomb, i assure you
though none has come as a substitute
for her silky hair, except the pillow towel
to me it's just a piece of unified threads
on which she once rubbed naughty cheeks
it gathers dust and has to be washed
not by her fleshy fingers, of course
midnight radio, VOA news, no one opposes
my tuning in now, except the pillow towel
accidentally, the light of a muddling moon
will reveal a homonym of my name
woven into its texture,


my wife left me with all her dowery
since then it has been a century
the only thing she left is a pillow towel
what did she need it for, after all?
it is old but nonetheless usable
its usage I decided to continue
for I am a very frugal man
why throw away our money and past fun?
deep in the memory tomb of mine
she has been obsolete, that's fine
though none has come as a substitute
of her silky hair once so cute
except this piece of woven thread
on which she once placed her head
washing is needed for it dust does gather
but not by her fingers in soapy water
now late VOA news, none opposes
my midnight tuning in, thank Moses
except the towel next to my cheeks
as if pleasure it sometimes seeks
now the moon outside shines the same
but it exposes a homonym of my name
on the towel, the name of a flower
that was thought to have magic power


the fate of a lock

as i left home for the court
a small sack came to my sight
it was my wife's lock
still black and bright
i thought there's meaning in it
and decided to give it back
maybe she would treasure it
why had she hidden it in a sack?
at the court i saw her on the bench
graceful as mademoiselle french
her friends flanked her on both sides
they looked like freshly baked pies
humbly i presented the lock to her
hoping some feelings it can stir
she did not cast a look at the hair
which seemed to me so unfair
" stop being dramatic" she said
" our case the court will decide
for all you have done to me
you are going to pay dearly"
I felt stupid with the lock in my hand
now the marriage is really at the end
after hearing the case the lady judge spoke
i was ready for a gender war smoke
" of all the compensation the female demanded
now i rule that half will be granted
from today on you will be strangers
each will live in his/her own universe"
" what should i do with the lock?" i asked
my feelings my stern face masked
"take it to the recycle man" said the judge
"and sell it to pacify your grudge"
so i took it to the recycle station
and sold it for one yuan and fifty fen
today i still wonder where it finally went
and wonder if I should've kept the element

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Very lovely!  I just found that most of my poems recently were inspired by yours. ~~

Xiaoman  [评] 2016-1-18 21:45


Xiaoman  [评] 2016-2-22 12:47


Xiaoman  [评] 2016-2-24 22:26



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